Thursday, April 12, 2012


The other day I blogged about how over this last year you the readers have been subjected to my life’s vast experiences. If you recall I spoke about having everything from health issues to a failed marriage, to losing family, friends, job, & ministry. I have been down at the crossroads and I have had to make many hard changes and decisions. Has it been painful? Oh yeah! Like I said I have lost everything in my life! During this new season of change God has had me on a comeback trail to being made complete, whole, and well.

If you remember I told you about the awesome story in the Bible found in John 5:1-9 of a man that had an issue for 38 years. From time to time an angel would come down and stir the waters and the first person to get in the pool was made whole, delivered, or made well. The man in this story was just sitting there and Jesus walks by and said, “Do you want to get well?”

I am going to stop here for a minute and laugh, because I think of the Blue Collar Comedian “Bill Engvall” who does a standup bit where he makes the point that people ask the dumbest questions that they already know the answer to. (Example: A truck driver gets his 18 wheeler stuck under the overpass and a cop says hey you get your truck stuck? “…The truck driver says, NOPE just delivering the overpass. Here’s your sign!) We as people ask some of the craziest questions that we already know the answers too. I believe Jesus is asking this question not because He needs the answer or a sign, but because Jesus wants to see this man’s response. Look throughout scripture this type of questioning is found. Do you want to be made well? What do you want the father to do for you? What do you have need of? Jesus already knows what’s wrong with us He does not need us to explain what’s wrong. Again, I believe the questions are asked as a natural point of contact or a natural point of our faith in God can be seen.

My Thot is: if God is asking you this question don’t act as if He does not know about you or your issues, but realize he is trying to meet you where you’re at, a natural point of contact where the mortal meets the eternal. He loves you and wants you to be made whole. 

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