Thursday, April 5, 2012


Ok, so I woke up around 3:30AM. I found myself singing “Summertime Blues” performed by country artist Alan Jackson. I don’t know where this song came from. I mean, I haven’t heard this song in about 12 years. I dreamed about the video for this song and then I woke up singing it. Was it a prophetic dream or just too much asparagus last night with my dinner?

There are a few things I know about dreams from personal experience. First, always pray and see if this is a dream from God. Second, if this dream seems too farfetched I push it away from my thoughts and if it comes back then I move to the next step. Third, I write it down in my dream journal. I do this to keep not only a written record but as a visual reminder in front of me as I pray and even fast over the dream. I don’t sweat it if the dream does not come to pass in a reasonable amount of time. It may be years or months before these dreams come to pass, but I have seen dreams come to pass within days as well.

Scripture is full of awesome stories of God’s people receiving dreams and visions. Scripture is the ultimate teacher of how to deal with your Dreams & Visions and If you get time this week check out the story of Joseph, Daniel, even Paul in the New Testament. I want to take a moment to recommend a book by author Jane Hamon called “Dreams & Visions” you can pick up a copy at This book has been a great help to me over the years to develop how I deal with God given dreams and visions. I believe this will be a great resource in your library too.

My Thot is to encourage you to not be afraid of dreams or visions that you the reader may have. Sometimes the dreams are nothing more than over active imagination and other times God is speaking to you about events, issues, & life. I would recommend that you listen to your heart and the promptings you may get. 

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