Saturday, March 31, 2012


How’s your meter Peter or should I say Paul? I like to laugh at this question it just sounds funny to me but in reality I am talking about our faith meter.  It is an internal meter we all have. God has given us ALL a measure or fuel tank (a.k.a. our heart) that is to hold this faith and YES, it should be full of faith. It is up to us to keep it replenished through the Word, prayer, fasting, fellowship & serving.  I understand this can be difficult and problematic since life happens. We get bogged down with problems, issues, and other things that make life and our faith seem to weaken, wan, & even feel low.

As I sip on some Coffee this morning I am remind once again of how Paul tells us to stir up the gift inside of us through praying in the spirit.  You could say, stir up your faith through prayer.  I am not talking about the Gift of Faith where it’s like God unscrews you head and pours out all your doubt and disbelief and then takes his jug marked “God-Faith” off the shelf and replace, or refills us with His supernatural faith.  Don’t get me wrong there is a place for this and many of us have tapped or began to flow in this gift and probably didn’t even know it. I am talking about simple faith where you believe Gods Word. You don’t let the problems of life sweat you because you know that God is in control and He is still sitting on His thrown.  

My Thot for today is that if your faith meter is reading low or empty it’s not too late to be refilled. Go for it ask God to refill you, to fill up this faith tank within you, He Will! Ask and believe and you will receive.

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